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Is constant frowning ruining your life?  Do you wake up feeling sad and wish that there was a quick way to turn that frown upside down?  Now there is!  Emergency Clown Nose.

No prescription needed, Emergency Clown Nose is just the thing for a quick laugh.  Keep it with you wherever you go, laughter is the cure for what ails you and you wouldn't want to be caught joke-less.

Side effects include: Busting a gut, splitting a side, almost peeing yourself, lack oxygen from giggle-fits, tickling your funny bone and uncontrollable tears of joy!   Don't leave home without one!

Forget lame cards - this makes a great get well gift too!

Fine print: These noses do not provoke laughter from those suffering from Coulrophobia.  Should you choose to use Emergency Clown Nose around those suffering from Coulrophobia we recommend consulting your physician immediately for the busted up face and broken arm you just incurred.

Part # : NOSE-0100

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