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Do you want to instantaneously appear more attractive… worldly… sophisticated?  Perhaps you need to momentarily class up a friend?  Maybe a neighbor’s baby?  We have the solution for you!

Fingerstache is a set of mustache-shaped temporary tattoos for your fingers that gives the moxie of the mustache to the masses!  With 19 unique styles to choose from, the Fingerstache lets you choose the proper adornment for each occasion and is easily removed when no longer needed.

Pick your stache to fit your particular mood of the day.  Popular styles include The Carnie, The Villain, The 8th Grade Bully, or the Rich Uncle.

Any time is a good time to unleash your inner detective or old west bandit with the Fingerstache!

Includes 19 temporary tattoos.

Part # : TATT-0112

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