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More amazing than a spork... Able to solve any food or beverage crisis in a snap!  Its a fork, knife, spoon, and can/bottle opener all-in-one!  You mom always told you never to believe anything that sounded too good to be true but this offer is for real.

Take it hiking, biking, camping keep one in your glove compartment for when they forget to give you a spoon for your Frosty.  Seriously what would you do if they didnt give you a spoon? Drive back?  Who has time for that?

Each set can also be separated into a fork half and a knife half. The utensils are made out of stainless steel, and have a rubber finish.

Measures 3.5 long x 1 inch wide when folded. Available in orange, black, or green.


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Halloween Gifts

Related Gift Ideas

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