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A very long time ago, shows were watched on a large box that sat in the family's living room.  There was typically only one per household and the whole family would gather around to watch shows together.  This ginormous TV box didn’t have high definition or 3D, it was just plain old regular television.  

Now we have technology to watch shows and movies on our phones and as much as we do love that, we sometimes miss the way things used to be.  With our Retro-Fit TV Box, all you have to do is slide your iPhone or iPod into the side and you’re ready to watch whatever you’d like on this old-fashioned style television.  

Cardboard.  Measures 6.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches tall x 1 inch deep. Fold out kickstand on back. Compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch models.

Part # : BOOK-8783

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