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Royal Flush



A Before-You-Go Spray that takes the odor away! The fresh essence of Eucalyptus works in synergy with spearmint in this perfect (and preferred) smell for your lingering scent!

Unlike most air fresheners that try to mask odor, Royal Flush by Poo~Pourri is designed to be sprayed directly onto the toilet bowl water before you go! The all natural essential oil secret formula creates a barrier to embarrassing bathroom odors!

Available in 2oz. or 4oz. bottles.

How Effective is Royal Flush?
While our concept has humor, the product itself is serious business (no pun intended). This product has been tested by many people for months with an overwhelmingly positive response!

Will it work on my husband?
Ironically this is the most commonly asked question by women. And the answer is extremely likely! Our experience with testers has been that it works on most everyone. Mind you even though the testers were given explicit instructions on how to use the product, any woman reading this understands how well a reluctant husband follows instructions! After all "you can lead a horse to water..."!

Why do you have to shake it?
Royal Flush is made of all natural ingredients. In order to keep it this way you have to shake to mix the ingredients. We thought this was better than adding harmful chemicals.

What about the gas that escapes?
While the product does have odor neutralizing effects, it is made to trap the odors in the toilet. If you experience residue odors due to gas, we suggest you spray Royal Flush lightly in the air after using the restroom. Be careful, oil overspray may cause slippery surfaces of damage to materials.

What about floating waste matter?
By the way, this is the most commonly asked question by guys (go figure). Yes, it works great on floaters because as they penetrate the film, they are coated. When they surface, they are encapsulated with Royal Flush. No need to worry.

Will it leave a residue on my toilet?
That has not been our experience! Because of the emulsifying agent in No. 2 and the agitating motion of the water that comes from flushing most if not all the No. 2 ends up being flushed. Therefore not leaving a residue behind.

Is it safe to the toilet, pipes or septic system?
All of the ingredients in Royal Flush are commonly found in other bath products and should have no more effect to any part of your waste water system than using a natural shampoo or conditioner in your shower.

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