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  • Devil Inside - Sriracha Chocolate Bars

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You could just eat a plain candy bar or you can bless your mouth with our Sriracha Dark Chocolate Bar.  It's really your choice, but we know you'll choose the bar with the devil inside of it!  Everything, we mean everything, tastes better with Sriracha on it.  Nothing compares to the fire-bearing garlic and chili sauce combined with fine dark chocolate.

You'll get the burn you love from your favorite rooster sauce and the happiness you feel when you eat delicious dark chocolate!  It will be the most satisfying burn your mouth will ever experience!

This is the perfect gift for the love in your life that loves anything insanely awesome!

Measures 5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide x .25 inches deep.  2 oz.  Dark Chocolate.

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