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Zombie Chocolate Bar

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As a zombie, there is nothing more delicious than brains and guts!  But don't worry, zombies aren't going to eat your eyes... they're not unreasonable.  But the best part of relishing a meal is finding it and its all about the chase!  Oh, the fun of cornering a living person into a kitchen and gnawing on their shoulder as you drool and mutter!

Our Zombie Chocolate Bar is the perfect scrumptious treat for the living and the reanimated!  Grab your green chocolate bar and get chomping away!  The added crispies account for that extra CRUNCH that makes devouring even more appetizing! 

Staying nourished and in good condition is very important for humans when there is a zombie Apocalypse, so keep these delicious bars at hand!  The chocolate bar says "Eat Me" in raised, retro-horror, red lettering as a ghoulish reminder for you! 

Well-bred zombies have an insatiable hunger, so depending on which side you are on... you might want to stock up!

Our Zombie Bar measures 5.25 long x 2.5 inches wide.  2oz bar.  White chocolate.

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