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1980'S Nostalgic Candy Mix

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This bodacious mix of candy will totally bring you back to the 80's, a decade of synthesized music, video games and acid washed denim.  You had legwarmers in every possible color, shoulder pads and jelly shoes, and posters of Madonna on your bedroom walls.  Trapper Keepers could be found in every locker in school, along with cassette tapes for your Walkman.  It seemed the world had gone neon, your mom had a perm and all your friends wore friendship bracelets.  You made it through the 80's and had the big hair to prove it!

What you get:  Ring Pop, Sweetarts, Runts, Bubble Tape, Atomic Fireball, Licorice Stick, Caramel Piece, Laffy Taffy, Smarties, Jawbreaker, Starburst, Assorted Tootsie Roll, and Pixy Stix!