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1990'S Nostalgic Candy Mix

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Do you remember the most revolutionary decade of digital technology?  You know, the years when you would just instant message your friends rather than text them from your smart phone!  At a certain point you started tossing out your cassettes to download new music and burn it on to colorful blank CD's!  At the time all you cared about were your Doc Martens and stealing your dad's old flannel shirts!  Miss those times?  Well, duh! 

Put on your rollerblades, grab some candy and get reacquainted into the 20th century with our 1990s Nostalgic Candy Mix!  You'll have the theme song to Friends stuck in your head all over again!

What you get: Gummy Bears, Blow Pop, Skittles, Airheads, Wonka Nerds, Warheads, Toxic Waste, Push Pop, Bubble Yum, Tape Gum and Sour Patch Kids!