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24 Fake-Out Take-Out Paper Lunch Bags



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Fake 'em out!

Increase your odds against dastardly lunch theft with our off-putting Fake-Out Take-Out Bags!

Do you want to keep your tasty leftovers or your PB&J safe from low-life prowling lunch nabbers?  Try our selection of  paper lunch bags featuring 8 different funky eateries (that will make others question your taste in food and the integrity of your eating choices) such as Budget Sushi and Juan for the Road.

A fun office lunch accessory for nosy office neighbors.  These wonderfully wacky styles that will keep 'em guessing all the way through till lunchtime!

Includes 24 bags per pack - 3 each of 8 styles.  Each bag measures approximately 12 inches tall x 5.25 inches wide.

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