• 52 Weeks Til Christmas Calendar

52 Weeks To Xmas Calendar

If you're one of those holly jolly people who opens their calendar to December 25 of next year and writes a small number in every single box indicating how many days there are until Christmas, don't work so hard and use our 52 Weeks To X-mas Calendar instead!   We completely understand, Christmas is the most fun day of the year and looking forward to it is even more exciting!

So countdown the 52 weeks until Santa next squeezes down your chimney bearing special gifts.   Every 7 days flip the bold numbered calendar page!   This clever design will allow you to hang and reuse the calendar year after year in endless anticipation of December 25 and all of the associated presents, parties, feasts and novelty sweaters!

Measures 11.25 inches long x 11.25 inches wide.    


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