Blue Q

Weed Money Coin Purse


Our adorably giggly Weed Money Coin Purse is highly sought after throughout the kawaii loving stoner community.   Let's be blunt.   It might not be big enough for your stash but... it's a...

All Food Is Dog Food Dish Towel


Our hilariously accurate All Food Is Dog Food Dish Towel is all it's barked up to be! Because, as any dog owner knows, there's no such thing as the 5 second rule when you have a dog around! If you...

You Are Better Than The Best Gum


Candy Coated Gum That's Great For Narcissistic Bosses Because They're The BesssssstYou're the best around!  Nothing's gonna ever keep you down! No really, you are.  No, YOU are.  Okay,...