About Perpetual Kid

Perpetual KidAfter a corporate buyout impacted their stuffy corporate lives... our founders decided to start a grass roots company! Their mission was to help entertain the inner child of millions.  They knew that so many others were suffering through their days in need of some laughs, smiles, and good vibes and being the super heroes that they are they came to the rescue!

Thanks to one of Perpetual Kid's first products being mentioned on the Late Show with Jay Leno, and then another featured in Time Magazine all within 3 months of launching PerpetualKid.com in 2005, they suddenly found themselves growing too big for their britches (and the basement at Curt's house!)  Quickly enlisting help from family, friends, local job seekers, finger monsters, and of course unicorns to keep up with orders, we all found ourselves living the dream!

Our team of awesome product finders, customer service reps, pickers + packers, artists + copywriters make it their sole mission in life (besides eating tons of chocolate and drinking coffee by the buckets) to bring you the most fun, unique, offbeat, and slightly irreverent gifts they can find. If our inner child likes it – we know someone else's will too.

PerpetualKid.com As seen In Magazines and on TV!