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Fun Accessories + Clothing for kids, babies and adults! Looking for a way to stand out?  Adorn yourself from head to toe with fun fashion accessories that scream with personality!  From unicorn horns to rainbow shoelaces... You're guaranteed to find unique and fun accessories to let your freak flag fly! 

Handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet


A Handy Gift for Unicorn Lovers! Excuse me sir, I must tell you that your hand is extraordinary! Yawn.  Look at your boring old hand!  It's so practical with its opposable digit and prehensile-ness, but it lacks a certain… MAGIC!...

Mermazing Mermaid Spray-In Hair Duo with Glitter


I Washed Up Like ThisWith our simply mer'mazing Mermaid Spray-In Hair Duo with Glitter, you can forget about the expensive trip to the salon and lasting commitment! Instead, you can now transform your hair into dazzling mermaid locks at the spritz of a...

Rainbow Neck Warmer


Somewhere over our Rainbow Neck Warmer, bluebirds fly... Feeling the winter chill in your neck? This Rainbow Neck Warmer not only is practical as a neck warmer; it also brings a happy rainbow to your day. Made to warm in the microwave, this neck warmer...

Mermaid Mermazing Scented Nail Art Kit


Love Mermaids? Let Your Nails Be A Tell-Tail SignFor truly mesmerising hands look no further than our Mermaid Mermazing Scented Nail Art Kit! Get it!? Mermaid... Amazing... Mer-mazing! Anywaves.. Inside of this kit you'll discover an aqua ocean blue...

Party Photo Prop Headbands

$6.99 $5.85

Our positively silly Party Photo Prop Headbands will keep your hands free to strike the ultimate selfie pose! This party-minded set is packed with a brilliant selection of party headbands. With a set of eight clip-on props you can accurately present...

Magicorn Unicorn Hoodie Scarf With Pockets

$34.99 $29.65

They really do exist! Our Magicorn Unicorn Hoodie will allow you to finally fulfill your dreams of prancing around the world as a unicorn! Wear this hoodie with pride and let others know that they really exist! Magicorn will keeps your head and hands so...

Tin Foil Hat

$9.49 $7.95

As any "woke" person knows, a Tin Foil Hat is a necessity of modern life.  However, one of the most irritating parts of being under constant, long-distance electronic thought observations is having to make a new tin foil hat every day! Fear not!...