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Ah-dorkable Nerd Socks

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Our Ah-dorkable Nerd Socks are the perfect pair of foot mittens to wear work on Monday. For they shall help to motivate your lazy butt and dragging feet to the cubical farm that awaits!

Whether you're off to the office, or hitting the books these fellas are ready to get down to business. Dressed in stuffy office attire and are clearly pontificating about some obnoxiously boring subject which you could give to spreadsheets about. Without a doubt he will feel Dwight at home in walking a mile in your shoes - preferably Mary Janes or Penny Loafers! 

Maybe you'll want to take him on a much needed vacation, or possibly a trip to the fair to loosen him up! Force him to live a little! Imagine this fella peeking out of a pair of joggers or tennis shoes. Heck, why not take him to the next rock or punk concert and let him walk a mile in your shoes.

Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Cotton, Polyester, Spandex blend. Dressed in a light blue button button down shirt, lavender striped tie with matching pen in his pocket and think black frame glasses, this fashionably unfashionable Ah-dorkable Nerd Socks are off the grid paper cute.


Gift Ideas

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