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Alarm, You're a Little Bitch Socks


You can stick that clock where the sun don't shine.

With our ever-so-chipper Alarm, You're a Little Bitch Socks your outfit will be anything but a snooze fest, even when you're just sitting there on your rooster!

Not a morning person? Us either. We'll hit that snooze button will the cows come home! And Siri'ously alarm clock, no offense, but you've nearly been replaced by a phone.

Don't be a cock, guy a pair for your friend! Night owls of a feather stick together!

Women's shoe size 5-10. Made with 60% soft, luxurious combed cotton, 20% nylon for strength and 20% spandex for long-lasting fun. Dark heather blue with open window with the rising son and alarm clock design. Our Alarm, You're a Little Bitch Socks is a fun + unique gift.

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