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Alien Family Car Stickers


Back off and give me some space

We want to believe... that no matter how far you've traveled, our Alien Family Car Stickers will signal to all lifeforms, within the immediate vicinity, that you and yours come in peace. (Regardless of the general chaos broadcasting from inside of your car.)

A fun gift idea for UFO fanatics, and conspiracy theorists! It's the perfect way to celebrate a quirky out-of-this-world family!

Each set comes with 12 stickers, featuring little green men family members:

  • Mom and Dad
  • 2 teens
  • 2 kids
  • 2 babies
  • 2 cats
  • 2 dogs

This set represents the whole crew! And if not, buy 2! Perfect for cars, laptops, rocket-ships and UFOs!

Easy to apply. Set of 12 stickers. Sheet measures approximately 6 inches wide x 9 inches tall. Our Alien Family Car Stickers are produced by GAMAGO.

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