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Aloe! Long Thyme No See! Friendship Greeting Card


Prepare to wet your plants

If you dig plants and puns our Aloe! Long Thyme No See! Friendship Greeting Card belongs in your hothouse little green-thumbed hands!

An adorable how you doin? card for friends you have a naturally organic chemistry with. You know, those perennial relationships that are firmly rooted, have weathered many storms, and been through a lot of sh*t.

Front of card:

  • Greeting says: Aloe! Long Thyme no see!
  • Pun-slation: Hello! Long time no see!
  • Adorable plant buddies - Aloe and Thyme

Inside of card:

  • Greeting says: How's it growing?
  • Pun-saltion: How's it going?
  • Full color with the herb Thyme on the left and Aloe plant on right
  • Plenty of open space to dish the dirt!

Super eco friendly!

  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper card/envelope. VOC-free vegetable-based vibra-color printing. 100% print/production via solar energy. Unbleached Kraft envelope produced from 80% reclaimed wheat straw.

In full living color! This environmentally friendly card measures 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide. Plant lovers will dig our Aloe! Long Thyme No See! Friendship Greeting Card! Home grown in the USA!

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