Gifts for Animal Lovers

Cute gifts for animal lovers! RAWR!  Animal lovers rejoice!  Our awesome collection of clever and unique anthropomorphic products are here to brighten your day!  But don't hog all the fun for yourself!  Discover cool gifts for animal lovers and ideas for the other wild members of your pack!

Hormonal And Lovin' It Gum


Do you ever start your period and think... "Well, that explains a lot!"?  Then this gum is for you! Our ultra cheeky Hormonal And Loving It Gum is a fun (and safe) way to poke fun at the roller coaster of mood swings that women are blessed with!...

Cute Little F*ckers Woodland Creature Dish Towel


I Love Cooking For Those Cute Little Fuckers! Our Cute Little F*ckers Woodland Creature Dish Towel is like the center of a Venn diagram, in which the big circles are Norman Rockwell and Kinda Fucked Up. It's where your idyllic childhood and adulthood...

You're So Foxy Mug


What did the Fox say? - Ummmmmm... coffee, please! Oh, for fox sake! If our adorable So Foxy Coffee Mug isn't the most perfect way to cleverly scheme your attack on your day, we don't know what is! Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with this sly fox face...

Big Bucks Coin Purse


We like Big Bucks and we cannot lie!Oh, deer. Enough of the reindeer games!  If you're looking for an environmentally friendly place to store your charge cards, a little bit of doe, or your life savings to support your Starbucks addiction, our...

Giant Flamingo Snow Tube Sled

$24.99 $21.15

Birds of a feather sled together Our Giant Flamingo Snow TubeSled is taking a break from his Florida retreat to spend some time on the slopes! The race to the bottom of the hill is neck and neck... You know what they say... birds of a feather sled...

Legendary Unicorn Mints

$3.99 $3.25

Our frolicking awesome Legendary Unicorn Mints are an example of all that is right with the world. Or at least the fantasy world inside of your head!   Chances are, if you love unicorns as much as we do (which may just be impossible) simply...