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Arr You Late Again? Pirate Skull Wrist Watch
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Arr You Late Again? Pirate Skull Wrist Watch

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Our topsy-skurvy Arr You Late Again? Pirate Skull Wrist Watch is perfect for when you're one eyeing it after a long night of throwing back drinks with the captain!

Even if you've given up the punk rock lifestyle this black and white skull watch goes with everything! (and offers a glimpse into the skeletons hidden in your closet, right next to your vintage pair of Doc Martens and original Black Flag t-shirt.)

Arrr you looking for the perfect gift for the guy or ghoul in your life? Feeling like a lost soul? Fear not! You don't wave the white surrender flag just yet! Because there's no bones about it... this watch is a cool gift for complete wenches and pirate loving Jolly Rogers in search of more booty. 

Professor, what's another word for 'pirate treasure'?"
"Well, I think it's 'booty'. Booty, booty, that's what it is.

It's the perfect accessory for October and for any Halloween haunting and gatherings you may stumble upon. It's also a ghastly reminder of your life tick tocking away - so stop living like you're dead already! Get out there and shake dem bones!

One skull mosaic wrist watch with quartz movement. Watch as they shiver in fear when you show up on time with our Arr You Late Again? Pirate Skull Wrist Watch!