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Atari Joystick Controller Gum

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We bow to you Atari 2600, the godfather of the golden-era video game systems!   And now we celebrate you with our retro-chic Atari Joystick Controller Gum.   A majority of homes in the late-70s to the mid-80s housed an Atari 2600 and the unmistakable orange/red on black, dawn of the industry, Atari dome switch joystick controllers.   Whether using your joystick to jump over alligators in Pitfall, save your bases in Missile Command, or fly your plane in River Raid, one thing is for sure, we loved ourselves some Atari!  

The wrist cramps and blisters hurt like hell but we somehow endured through the pain in fear of relinquishing our turn on the game which could mean a few hours wait depending on how many friends were playing!  

Enjoy your fruit flavored Atari Joystick Controller Gum while reminiscing over the days of playing Combat when it was tank vs. tank and plane vs. plane, there can only be one victor!   Each Atari Joystick Controller Gum tin is shaped like the classic retro joystick.

1 oz of fruit-flavored gum.   Tin measures approximately 2.5 inches x 3 inches tall.


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