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Baberaham Lincoln Knit Koozie

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Theres nothing like a little patriotism to quench your thirst.  Am I right?  And nothing says freedom like keeping your hands from getting wet because of a condensating beverage container!  So salute your flag and use our Baberaham Lincoln Knit Koozie!  Take this opportunity to thank your lucky stars that you live in this babe-alicious country!

Sweaty bottles?  No more.  Moist handshakes?  A thing of the past.  High fives?  All day!  This is a one size fits all bottle insulator!  Seriously.  It will fit your toddlers sippy cup, your wine glass, a water bottle, a growler filled with your favorite beer or your jug of orange juice!  Now go and keep your hands dry and your drinks cold!

Designed and manufactured by a bunch of freaks in the USA!

Before you stretch it, measures 6.5 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide.  (After use, will shrink back to original size when washed).