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Backyard Hopscotch Water Sprinkler


Just a hop, skip and a jump to play!

Your kids will never be bored this summer (not totally guaranteed) with our Backyard Hopscotch Water Sprinkler!  Playing hopscotch on an inflatable sprinkler is just mind-blowing summer fun!  Water comes up from the water-filled borders and fills the shallow foot pools with just the perfect splash for your little ones.

The kiddos can keep cool, have fun, exert some of that pent-up energy, while you sit back watching with a nice cold iced tea!

  • Inflatable. Includes a repair patch in case of punctures.
  • Comes with hose adapter.
  • For use on grass only.
  • Measures 2.5 feet wide x 7 feet long
  • Ages 4+

Did you know that it's illegal to play hopscotch on a Sunday afternoon in Missouri?  Don't worry, we wont tell on anyone!

Grab a Backyard Hopscotch Water Sprinkler before they are gone again!

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