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Baconnaise Lite

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Youre probably wondering why a gift shop would be selling a bacon flavored mayo  the answer is simple.  The greatest gift you could ever give someone is joy and thats exactly what we think of Baconnaise Lite PURE LOW CAL JOY!!!  Its the greatest gift of all! 

Just as delicious as Baconnaise, we also offer Baconnaise Lite.  Baconnaise Lite brings all the flavor of regular Baconnaise in a less filling spread!  Its still the Ultimate Bacon Flavored Spread, just a little lighter.  Its like straight bacon in a bottle!  The BLT has never been easier to make at work, slap some Baconnaise Lite on your sandwich with some lettuce and tomato and youre done.  Your co-workers are already jealous!

Baconnaise Lite is like a firecracker in your mouth, exploding with taste.  It makes everything taste like bacon, which in our book means tastes better.  Seriously, after you try this, youll wonder where its been all your life.  With 1/2 the fat and 1/3 fewer calories than regular mayonnaise, Baconnaise Lite will still give you tons of bacon flavor without the guilt. Great on sandwiches, salads, burgers, fries, dips and more!

Dont worry vegetarians, Baconnaise Lite is 100% Vegetarian and certified Kosher.   15 fl oz.

Save the piggies use Baconnaise instead!