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Bag Of Farts

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A wise man once said "Never trust a fart." and taking that a step further... you should never trust someone that you've been a little sh*t to either, because revenge is best served in a Bag of Farts.

That's right, now you can mail a fart to anyone who could use a good laugh or deserves payback for their crappy behavior!

No longer will the old adage of "Who smelt it, dealt it" apply.  Because you can be half way across the country when your unsuspecting recipient gets a whiff of this.

Our test market has determined that our Bag of Farts is more well received than a flaming bag of poop on someone's doorstop and since it's not illegal it is the most effective way to get your point across when you're not able to deliver a fart in person.

An awesome gift for Dad this father's day!  The master of farts himself!

One bag of burrito/broccoli/egg induced farts.  Also contains immeasurable amounts of tear jerking laughter and pure satisfaction.  Bag measures approximately 9.75 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide.  10% of all Bag Of Farts profits are donated to the Salvation Army.