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Bah Humbug Car Air Freshener

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Peace on earth, and ill-will toward all men, women, and children

Identify more closely with protagonists in Christmas movies? Feel more empathy for the “bad guys” in classic holiday stories? Then our delightfully miserable Bah Humbug Car Air Freshener is the gift for you!

  • Display your displeasure for the holiday season
  • Pine-scented air freshener and harbinger of bad tidings
  • Reads Bah Hum Bug in cheerful bubble text
  • Place in your car, office, bathroom, or in place of a pagan evergreen
  • A fun gift to scare the Dickens out of Little Timmy and the rest of your holiday-loving family!

Heavy cardstock with string for hanging. Evergreen Pine Scent.  Package measures approximately 3 inches wide x 5.8 inches tall.  You don't need to love Christmas to love our Bah Humbug Car Air Freshener.

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