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Balloons For Jerks


You're the worst!

What are Balloons for Jerks? Just what you would imagine,,, They’re balloons for jerks. Even if your friend isn't a jerk all the time or never at all, these balloons are hilariously embarrassing and everyone will get a laugh. Well, maybe not everybody.

These conversational balloons are great for hospital visits, parties and any other celebrations! Isn't laughter the best medicine?

Each set of 15 comes with five different designs including:

  • I hate you 
  • Shut Up 
  • Loser 
  • You're The Worst 
  • Nobody Cares 

Set of 15 Jerk Balloons. Made of Latex. Balloons measure 10 inches inflated. For your favorite jerk!... but only if they can take a joke.

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