Bar Gadgets

Whether you're in need of a funky way to carry your alcohol or a fun gift idea for your favorite boozehound... chances are you'll be colored impressed with our fun and offbeat collection of flasks and bar gadgets!  You're guaranteed to find something to give your wacky friends and family... or keep for yourself! Our collection of bar gadgets is top shelf!

Beer Scented Candle


Beer has always been there for you...  It was there when you graduated, every night after a hard day of work, kicking back with your friends and even when your team was winning or losing!  Beer never judged you and gave you unconditional love...

Pick-Its Cocktail Picks


Make America drink again! With our cleverly designed Pick-Its Cocktail Picks you can unite with your fellow party-goers to take on the establishment and CHOOSE BOOZE! Pick-Its are designed to look like tiny protest picket signs! They're sure to will...

Beer Snob Bottle Opener


It's okay to be a snob! Our snazzy Beer Snob Bottle Opener is a fantastic find for those that have put in time and heartache into finding those perfect brews. This fantastic bottle opener is on a keychain so it's pretty much on you at all times, whenever...

My Tai Tropical Drink Markers


Add a tropical touch to your drinks! Kick back, put your feet up, and relax - your drink isn't going anywhere! Our set of 6 My Tai Tropical Drink Markers are cute reusable drink umbrellas to mark your territory, just like your umbrella marks your plot of...

G-Clamp Bottle Opener


A good tool for the right job!   A traditional heavy cast iron G-Clamp with a (you’ll wonder how you ever lived with this feature before) bottle opener! If your latest DIY project is thirsty work, crack open a cold brew after a hard day in the...

Water Logged Tree Stump Coasters


What wood you do if someone ruined your favorite piece of furniture in the thick of your party?  Wood you be fluming mad and tell them cedar later or would you just leaf it alone? No need to branch out and find new friends just yet because our...

Wanderware Cocktail Shaker


You may wonder where in the world you are, but no matter where the unbeaten path leads... you'll end up prepared for a swanky good time with our Wander Ware Cocktail Shaker! This 10-ounce rugged shaker is a tough and tumble enameled-steel drink mixer,...

Beer Bottle Opener Ring

$5.99 $3.99

Unbeerlievably Handy! Stop searching through drawers, put down that lighter, and for Pete's sake get that bottle away from your back teeth! Now you'll never be left without the ability to open a tasty micro brew or specialty beer when you have our...

The Corgi Butt Bottle Opener


Butt I'm feeling corgeous! Our Corgi Butt Bottle Opener is a hilarious choice when you’re looking to add a wall mounted opener to your home bar. You can use it to efficiently open bottles when you need a quick laugh. Makes an excellent gift for...

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