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Beach Boardwalk Candle

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Ouch!  Ooo!  Ow!  Ow!  Hot sand!  Hot!  Sand!  We hate it when that happens but its really hard to walk on the beach with flip-flops on!  We dont want to talk about feet though, we want to tell you about our Beach Boardwalk Candle!  Ohh, the boardwalk, where you can walk without the fear of burning your toes!  The place you go over summer vacation to fly kites and only eat french fries and ice cream!  The smell of the ocean breeze and the feeling of the warm sun is the best!  This is the ultimate escape from real life! 

Now you can have your favorite relaxing scent in a unique and stylish tin!  The smell is clean, sweet and citrusy.  You will feel like a kid again while maintaining your homes elegance!  It comes in a silver tin and the warm flickering glow creates a delightful atmosphere!  Burning time is about 55+ hours.

Our Beach Boardwalk Candle is 8 ounces.  100% soy wax.  Tin measures 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide.