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Become A Laird Or Lady Gift Box

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Scottish landowners are legally entitled to use the title Laird. Female Lairds can choose to be a Laird or a Lady, the generally-accepted female equivalent. Upon registering this gift you will own a genuine piece of land in the grounds of Dunans Castle in Scotland. You will thus become a Laird or Lady!

You will be sent an official personalized land ownership certificate and a Proof of Title card. You will then be eligible for all sorts of Laird-based perks:

You and a guest will be entitled to a free tour of Dunans. Visit and locate your plot of land! Bookings must be made in advance.
Your gift will help in the restoration of Dunans Castle and grounds.
Free, lifetime access to Dunans including Dunans Bridge and the tallest tree in the UK!
Fishing rights to the Alt a Chaol Ghleann river within the grounds.
Use of Dunans insignia, access to exclusive Laird and Lady stationery and your own Laird or Lady email address.

No more Mr or Mrs become a Laird or Lady!

What's Inside
    Welcome Letter
    Your Gift Explained
    Registration details
    Life as a Laird or Lady booklet
    Dunans Castle: A History
    Dunans Castle souvenir poster

After registration you will receive...
    Land ownership certificate
    Proof of Title card
    Directions to Dunans

Will I genuinely own the land?
Yes, once registered the land is legally yours.

Can my land and title be inherited?
Yes, as long as Scottish Highland Titles are informed of the changes then your title and land can be passed on.

Disclaimer: When registered, the recipient of this gift will own a square foot of land in Scotland.  It is for this reason that they will become a Laird of the land.  Although you will be the listed owner of this land you may not live on the land, make any improvements to, or develop your token plot and the deeds cannot be sold by the owner for a profit.  The owner shall not receive any income or derive any other financial benefits whatsoever from their land.  These are the official titles that are given to land owners in Scotland and are the widely recognized Scottish equivalent of the English Lord or Lady title.  The Laird title documents have been drawn up by Scottish lawyers to ensure that they are legal and valid documents, however neither Gift Republic Ltd nor its suppliers accept any liability for any defect in title caused or contributed to by the Scottish lawyers.  Under no circumstances does this gift entitle the recipient to be an English Lord or Lady. This is a novelty gift item and must be regarded as such.