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Beehave Swaddle Set

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Got a fussy little bundle of joy?  Don't worry, bee happy with our super snuggly and adorable Beehave Swaddle Blanket & Cap Set!   The buzz around town with new parents is the almighty power of the swaddle!  Allowing parents and babies everywhere to get *gasp* hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Remember that feeling you'd get while falling asleep in Algebra class and you'd suddenly wake up because you'd feel like you were actually falling?  Well babies get that too!  It causes their arms to shoot up like little zombies waking them and the rest of the house up in the middle of the night. 

So the swaddle, by keeping their arms close to their sides, prevents the zombie arms from popping up and let's them, and you, actually sleep well, "like a baby."

All that science aside they'll look super cute just toting them around town or showing them off to the swarms of family and friends who are eager to meet your sweet little honey!

Made with a high quality interlock cotton.  The fabric stretches for easy swaddling.  Machine wash/dry.  Blanket is 30 inches long x 44 inches wide.  Complete with a coordinating infant cap (0-6 months).