Beer Gifts

Time for Happy Hour and getting crafty! Beer Lovers will be foaming at the mouth over our unique selection of beer related gifts! Beer Cotton Candy, Pop Up Pint Glasses, hilarious coolers, not to mention ou world famous Better Tv Viewing Beer Mug and Chill-o-Matic Drink Cooler! and so much more!

Bottle Top Birthday Candle


Beer is better than cake! The amazing Skumps Bottle Top Candle is the perfect celebratory accessory for your best pal who is on a steady liquid diet for the evening! Just pop it into a bottle and start singing! Use this attention grabbing bottle...

Sunday Football Nothing Else Matters Men's Socks


Men And Their Football Rituals Socks Sunday Funday?  So, yeah. NEWSFLASH: Unless that involves going to a game, watching a game, or smack talking about a game that's on hold until the end of the football season... and nothing else matters. Might as...

UFO Beer Glass


Beam Up The Beer! Our UFO Beer Glass will help you get in touch with the extraterrestrials while enjoying a cold one, especially after a few cold ones! Shaped as the classic cow stealing UFO beam with a spaceship the words Earthling words “Beam Up...

Step Aside Coffee Gum


Coffee... We love you.  You're so cute sometimes!  Now step aside, it's time to bring in the big guns! We have a lot of experience... We've been at this for a long time. And we know what we need to succeed. Booze, and lots of it.  But only...

Craft Beer Lollipop


Revolutionize the way you party down with our Craft Beer Lollipops that are shaped like craft beer bottles and available in three crafted flavors. What better flavors of custom beer than pale ale, classic lager and chocolate stout for these hand-poured...

G-Clamp Bottle Opener


A good tool for the right job!   A traditional heavy cast iron G-Clamp with a (you’ll wonder how you ever lived with this feature before) bottle opener! If your latest DIY project is thirsty work, crack open a cold brew after a hard day in...

Beer Money Coin Purse


Wait a minute!  Those three mice aren't blind!  They were just cold chilling wearing their RayBans while plotting to scamper off with your brewski! Whether you prefer dark beers, light beers, craft beers, your very own home brew or the cheapest...

Pizza's Here Oven Mitt


*DING DONG* Our Pizza's Here Oven Mitt has arrived just in time to save the day (and your family from another burnt dinner!) Pizza delivery comes to the rescue again. Who's a hero? YOU'RE A HERO. Congratulations, my dear. Please, have a slice. On...

Sudski Shower Beer Holder


It's Happy Hour in the shower! Shower beer is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures and everyone will enjoy the Sudski Shower Beer Holder. Nothing beats hot water running down your back as a cold beer delivers unmatched refreshement. The only...

Good Measure Beer Recipe Glass


Our pitcher perfect Good Measure Beer Cocktails Recipe Glass is just what the bartender ordered! You're not seeing double (yet!) this incredibly useful pint glass also doubles as a 16-oz measuring ​​glass!  Printed with 7 delectable cocktail...

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