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Beer Tasting Tool Kit

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Ambers, porters, lambics, lagers... what are these and what do they taste like?  Does Belgian Witbier have a stronger flavor than pale ail?  What is the purpose of adding hops?  What is a session beer?  Invite a few friends over, start tasting, and find out!

If youre a beer lover who enjoys lively and enlightening get-togethers, our Beer Tasting Tool Kit is the perfect pastime for you and your friends!  If youre interested in trying new beers or discovering the qualities of your favorites, our kit will guide you through the various flavors, aromas and unique notes!  Soon you'll be tasting and evaluating everything from abbey ales to wheat beers like a brewer.  Learn how to organize a tasting party, pair beer with food, and match up beers for themed tastings.

So, go and grab a few beers, cover them with a paper cover and taste away!

  • 48-page booklet
  • 4 100-page notepads
  • quick reference card
  • 18 paper covers
  • Twine for concealing bottles for blind tastings
  • A 3-fold beer cheat sheet. 
All enclosed in a great looking gift box!  You will have so much fun exploring and distinguishing the different tastes!