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Beer Tree Bottle Cap Holder and more Unique Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. Make a cool tree effect from beer bottle tops.

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Our Beer Tree Bottle Cap Party Game is a tree that grows with every beer!

So, just how long does it need to flower? That depends on you and your party guests! At parties or cozy evenings, the tree grows by the hour.

In Germany it's called Kronkorkenwerfen, also known as tossing bottle caps. Whatever you want to call it, it's a fun new drinking sport. While throwing bottle caps is not an Olympic discipline, it is a great party game. All you need is this beer tree, full beer bottles and thirst. Because in order to grow the beer tree, the bottles must be opened and the crown corks (aka bottle caps) are collected.

The tree is equipped with a ball magnet, which is mounted on the trunk. At this magnet every bottle cap gets stuck. This creates beer for beer a handsome treetop, which not only looks super cool, but also conjures up momentum as each party guest arrives. Watch it spring to life before your double-visioned eyes.

If you want to learn what goes on behind the scenes, below is a sneak peek into the production of this product handcrafted in Germany...

It's spring. Hedges, shrubs and trees need care and pruning so they can re-energize in public parks and gardens in spring.

The landscapers of Caritas Werkstätten Niederrhein use this opportunity to harvest selected Bierbaum strains, which they hand over to their colleagues at the Rheinberger Werkstatt. After the drying phase, the carpenter colleagues select the sawn-to-length logs and press a metal pin into the countersunk hole at the top. During the milling of the floor slabs, further employees cut the green felt gill out of narrow webs to measure.

A screw then gives the beer tree trunk the necessary hold on its new meadow. Thanks to the strong magnetic ball, he can now develop a new crown: Not only with crown caps, but also with paper clips, thumbtacks, etc.

Also known as der BierBaum it has become a popular guest at parties and celebrations! As an added bonus it tricks party goers into not leaving bottle caps scattered all over the floor.

Handmade from real natural branches means that deviations from the picture is possible. Bottle caps are not included. It measures approximately 4.75 inches tall x 3.15 inches in diameter. This der Bier Baum aka Beer Tree Bottle Cap Party Game will bring life to your next bash!

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Beer Tree Bottle Cap Drinking Game
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Kick back and relaxing knowing you just found the coolest beer lovers game in this neck of the woods!

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