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Beerbouquet Game

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Our Beerboquet Game is the drinking man's (or woman's) take on the classic cup and ball game Bilboquet.  We've replaced the standard cup with a wooden beer bottle and included a built in bottle opener.  The object of the classic game is to flip the ball (which is attached to the bottle by a short cord) into the base of the bottle. 

It takes concentration and coordination along with patience and precision.  We envision you turning this into a make-the-rules-up-as-you-go drinking game as it should be.  Because who wouldn't need a drink after trying in vain to get that annoying ball into that even more annoying cup!

Challenge your friends.  Make fun of them when they miss.  Have a drink to commiserate your (ever growing) lack of coordination.

The original version is known as Bilboquet in French, Kendama in Japanese and Balero in Spanish.  There.  Now you can impress your friends with your knowledge as you poke fun at their coordination.

The more bottles you open, the harder it gets!  Cheers!

Includes one Beerbouquet.  Measures approximately 9 inches tall x 2 inches in diameter. (About the size of a standard beer bottle)


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