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World's Smallest Pound Puppies


Loveable, huggable puppies that need a good home!? Sign us up! Our adorably nostalgic World's Smallest Pound Puppies are here in miniature so you can take them with you for cuddles and love where ever you go! This super soft stitched plush figure is...

Cat Butt Gum


Cute As A Butt-on GumIf you've got a lot of attitude to pass around, this gum is just right for you! Includes 8 peppermint pieces of "Kiss My Ass" attitude per box. Get a second box because you've got a lot of attitude to share. Meow! What are you...

Classic Superman Mints

$2.99 $2.00

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... our Classic Superman Mints are so strong!  It's like Kryptonite to your ole buddy Hal-itosis. Although the classic image of Superman is...

I Need More Money And Power And Less Sh*t From You People Gum


Smile and nod.  Smile and nod.  Make sure to wear your mouth guard at night, so you don't grind your teeth down to nubs. You may not be able to lighten the workload at the office, but you sure can lighten the mood with our I Need More Money and...

Lucha Libre Mexican Thumb Wrestling Set


This is nacho Lucha Libre Mexican Thumb Wrestling Set, yet! Thumb wrestling meets lucha libre with our unique Lucha Libre Mexican Thumb Wrestling Set that brings the competitive Mexican sport to enthusiasts all over the world! Known for its bold...

National Embarrassmints


Trump your bad breath with a mint! Our Donald Trump National Embarrassmints are pretty darn puny don't ya think?  We hope these mints don't offend you!  We had some Hillary ones too, but they were just picked up by black van full of...