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Explore the best selling gifts at Perpetual Kid! They are bestsellers for a reason!

Sour CBD Gummy Worms


They'll worm their way into your heart! Relax and enjoy our Sour CBD Gummy Worms and they'll take you back to your childhood memories! These squirmy little wormies taste, look, smell and feel the same. The only difference is that they won't leave you...

Tyrannosaurus Rex Lamp


Goodness Cretaceous, great balls of fire! Our pterobley awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex Table Lamp is just dying to meat you! This ferocious predator of light (aka dinosaur lamp) effortlessly crushes darkness. No longer will you need to sleep with one eye...

Shut The Hell Up Gum


Shut Your Mouth Please Seriously. How about a nice big pack of SHUT THE HELL UP! 8 Cinnamon pieces to chew all at once unless you've got more than one person in your life you wish would stop their yakkin'! Pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches...

Who Let The Logs Out Lavatory Mist


Who? Who? Who? Seriously though, WHO is responsible for our Who Let The Logs Out Lavatory Mist? Baha Men, we're looking at you. Scented with citrus and mint, and a hint of green moss, you can almost forget that it's sole purpose in life is to shield your...

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