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Explore the best selling gifts at Perpetual Kid! They are bestsellers for a reason!

Bravery Bandages


Our hilarious, yet distinguished, Bravery Bandages celebrate the nearly forgotten art of resiliency! Everyone recognizes bravery when it’s risking your life to save someone or facing impossible odds, but some bravery is on a much smaller scale...

Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum


Be sure to over share. A cup of coffee and a roll of toilet paper... a perfectly fine way to start the day! Popping a piece of our invigorating Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum is like brewing up a pot of relief!  You may not be irregular around here, so...

Stardust Marbles


Now you can physically shoot for the stars with our Stardust Marble Game! Sirius'ly, we're not toying around! Okay, maybe just a little. But you can travel back to your childhood at the speed of light with this sparkling example of collectible...

Taco Truck Taco Holders


Ice cream truck, shmice cream truck... we'll take a truck filled with delicious crunchy tacos any day!  Meals are always more delicious when the come from a trendy food truck! This incredible duo of Taco Truck Taco Holders, perfectly cradle your...

Nose Aerobics Basketball


Anyone up for a game of faceball? The nose is the most neglected muscle in your body.   That's why our Nose Aerobics Basketball is the next big thing.   It's exercise for your nose!   Dramatically increase your sense of smell* while...

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