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Giant 7 Foot Tall Elephant Yard Sprinkler

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Our Giant Elephant Yard Sprinkler will make your summer unforgettable! (Get it?? Elephants don't forget!)

Anyhoo, in case you haven't herd, there's a new sprinkler just stomped into town and will likely make all other sprinklers seem completely irrelephant! He inflates and deflates easily, so pack him up and bring him along to all of your backyard summer adventures. Just pop this fella out of your trunk, and get the party started! You won't want to weight for long!

There's a ton of reasons why we love this fella. But, did you know that an elephant with his trunk up also symbolizes good luck? So trunks up for good luck y'all!

  • Over 7 feet tall!
  • Mammoth fun!
  • Shower yourself with good luck!

It's ginormous and connects to any standard garden hose. Water sprays out of the elephant's trunk for big fun on hot summer days! It's an awesome gift for elephant lovers!

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Durable heavy-duty vinyl. Measures over 7 feet tall! Designed by Big Mouth Toys our Giant Elephant Yard Sprinkler is big time fun!

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