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You Wanna Pizza Me? XL Frozen Pizza Snow Tube Sled


You've been eyeing that hill all year... just waiting for that the magical snowy moment when you can break out our supremely awesome You Wanna Pizza Me? XL Frozen Pizza Deluxe Snow Tube!

Imagine how piping hot you'll look taking your personal pizza for a ride! This totally cheesy inflatable deep dish will easily slide down any hill but not because of the grease.  Simply inflate, find a snowy hill, then grab the comfort grip handles and take off in style.

At over 3-feet wide it's guaranteed to fit your pizza loving butt, and deflates easily to pack along for winter vacations! The thick, durable construction is great for sledders of all ages and is enormously fun on snow days!

Finally, a quality frozen pizza! Dough not even think for a second you that will find a more perfect gift for your pizza loving pal!

Made of high quality, thick, durable multi-color vinyl and includes a patch kit. Measures approximately 38 inches in diameter x 11 inches deep. Won’t melt the snow.

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