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Bite Your Tongue Teether


Bite your tongue!

Our Bite Your Tongue Teether is a new parenting essential. Because it's never too early to teach them to bite their tongue in certain situations! If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Isn't that right, Martha?

Just like their mommy or daddy has to bite their tongue when they're pummeled with unsolicited advice from friends, family, and complete strangers about the right way to raise their baby.

Now, we know what your baby desperately wants to say...

  • My teeth hurt!
  • I'm hungry!
  • I just took a massive poop!
  • Need boobie!
  • You look like you got too much sleep last night!
  • Let me help you with that headache!
  • No peas, PIZZA!

We get it, we get it! But could maybe you can help them chill out for a moment until you get out of the line at the grocery store. This sanity-saving device is way better than a regular teether because it will take a cringe-worthy situation into something entertaining for you and those witnessing said meltdown!

If you're searching for a baby shower gift, this one will leave their tongues a wagggin!

Includes one massive tongue-shaped teether. Recommended for teething babies 3+ months old. Rugged construction of 100% BPA-Free + PFC-Free silicone. Dishwasher safe. 

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