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Inflatable Sonny the Rainbow Sprinkler

$29.99 $19.50

Weather you like it or not... without rain there would be no rainbows! And we just happen to love it! Matter of fact, our Inflatable Sonny the Rainbow Sprinkler just showed up out of the blue and...

Wally Narwhal Sprinkler

$29.99 $19.50

Coz they are so awesome Get ready because our Wally Narwhal Sprinkler will soon be causing a commotion! Fresh out of the ocean, goggles and all, this underwater unicorn is ready to get your party...

Inflatable Teddy Bear Sprinkler

$24.99 $16.25

Time to run bearfoot through the sprinkler! Our Inflatable Teddy Bear Sprinkler is so excited to be here, he's literally blushing and gushing rainbows!  He's so fun we can bearly stand it!...