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Blood Bath Shower Gel

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Have a bloody good time in the shower with our new Blood Bath Shower Gel.  Now you can bathe yourself in true horror movie style and recreate your favorite scenes from Dracula, Psycho and Twilight with our ultra realistic bag of blood shower gel.

Forget about Cocoa Butter, all the vampires nowadays are washing in cherry scented bags of blood shower gel didn't anyone tell you?  So after a tough day battling against werewolves and the armies of undead zombies, what better way to freshen up before stepping out for a "bite to eat" down at Merlot's or Fangtasia, than a hot shower and a good scrub down with our cherry scented Blood Bath Shower Gel.

Blood Bath Shower Gel comes in a durable plastic pouch made to look just like the real blood containment pouches you see down at your local blood bank.  Open the nozzle and squeeze for ooey gooey cherry blood bath gel goodness.  

13.5 Ounces.  Measures 7.75 inches long x 4 inches wide and hangs down 6.5 inches from the top of the included strap.

Note: Blood Bath Shower Gel does not contain plasma or hemoglobin and is all around blood-free but you don't have to tell anyone else that!