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50 Shades Of Brown Lavatory Mist



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People Don't Need To Smell It Bathroom Spray

You need to get comfortable before settling in with your Fifty Shades of Grey.  Don't leave an aroma that will detract from your read!  Use our Fifty Shades of Brown to keep the mood just so...

No other formula tackles this many shades of brown, from burnt umber to deep sienna.  Immeasurable care and attention is contained inside every bottle.

We go to great lengths to protect your peace of mind and privacy, and craft this product in the time-honored tradition.  We recommend two quick mists and a discreet exit. 

Delicate scent of moss, mandarin & amber. Plastic bottle.   Measures 6 inches high x 1.75 inch diam. 5.3 fl. oz.   Made in USA.


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