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Blue Q British Accent Breath Spray

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Thanks to our amazing Instant British Accent Breath Spray, having a British accent is as easy as making a cup of tea!  You'll instantly sound richer, smarter and even look more attractive!

This snap-acting formula lets you:
  • Realistically narrate travel shows and animal documentaries on TV and radio!
  • Steal the show in theatrical period pieces and war epics!
  • Fill your pockets with phone numbers of smitten suitors... captivated by only the sound of your voice!
An amazingly realist accent for less than a pint of beer!
Royal Mint Flavor .25 fl. oz./ 7.5ml  
WARNING:  While using this product, you may feel an increased urge to whinge about the weather, trim the garden, line-up, quote Shakespeare, be exceptionally polite, and overcook your vegetables. If you find yourself sunburning easily, drinking more than one cup of tea a day, craving fish & chips and a curry after the pub, or feeling a profound emotional connection to you local soccer team, do not panic! These are normal side effects of being British.