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Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum



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Be sure to over share.

A cup of coffee and a roll of toilet paper... a perfectly fine way to start the day! Popping a piece of our invigorating Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum is like brewing up a pot of relief! 

You may not be irregular around here, so we'll slow drip our dark roasted humor.  It's too easy to state the obvious ...butt, you can just smell the world waking up! It's just nature's way.

Don't stop us now, we're on a roll! 

8 pieces of cinnamon gum. The dainty pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. Be sure to (over) share! A hilarious stocking stuffer or gag gift, our Coffee Makes Me Poop Gum.

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