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Eat Up, B*tches Woven Dish Towel


Serve up some snark with our Eat Up, Bitches Woven Dish Towel!

Dish towels are like the socks of the kitchen! So why not add some trash talking and personality to your favorite room in the house?

It's the perfect gift, because everyone needs another great dish towel!

This awesome flowery design is a created by a luxurious woven artwork, known as jacquard. The thread's colors create the design on these for a sweet, tactile and vintage feel. 

Made from super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton. Shades of Blue. Each towel measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide. 1% of the sales of Dish Towels will benefit hunger relief programs around the world. Chow down with our Eat Up, Bitches Woven Dish Towel!

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