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Hangry Ankle Socks


Hide your chocolate! Hide your cheese! No snack is safe when our Hangry Ankle Socks are in town!

Our ravenous fork + knife wielding big bad wolf is back! Orange you glad this growling guy made his way onto an ankle sock? And also, that those knives look pretty dull? Regardless, he's going to huff and puff, and scarf your lunch down! 

We know that you can relate to this this guy, even if you say you can't.  Because rumor has it that you turn into an ill-tempered cranky pants when you're late for a feeding. You know that creeping irritable feeling when you missed snack time? The dangerous side-effect from being irritiable and hungry... it's called being hangry. A combination of hungry and angry. But luckily there's a quick antidote - even if there is a full moon!

The perfect gift for the masterful sneaky snack artist in your life. Or get a pair for yourself! And no fear if you lose one - they work well as a lone wold foo!

Fits women's shoe size 5-10. Made with 50% soft luxurious combed cotton, 48% nylon for strength and 2% spandex for long lasting fun. Orange and brown. Our Hangry Ankle Socks are begging you to take them on a walk to the fridge.

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