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I Need More Money And Power And Less Sh*t From You People Gum



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Smile and nod.  Smile and nod.  Make sure to wear your mouth guard at night, so you don't grind your teeth down to nubs.

You may not be able to lighten the workload at the office, but you sure can lighten the mood with our I Need More Money and Power And Less Shit From You People Gum.

Misery loves company, but the ultimate cure for a case of the Mondays is some biting sarcastic humor!  Obviously a fun gift for co-workers, but we triple dog dare you to slide one under the boss's door and run.

Includes 8 pieces of candy-coated peppermint-flavored gum in a dainty box.  Measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall.  Made in Canada, eh!

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