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Blue Q Instantly Control Your Family Breath Spray

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It's not that you don't love them.  It's just that if they did what you wanted, maybe you'd love them a little bit more.  Our Instantly Control Your Family Breath Spray is so strong it works on extended family!   Instantly control your family with only the power of your mind.  No costly brain implants! Make your family do and say anything you like for less than the cost of a can of beans!  

Our discreet patented formula lets you: Control the volume of your family member's voice... or even mute them!  Never repeat a simple request again!  Make them find their own food and water!  Stop them from touching your stuff!  Block incoming opinions from parents AND never vacuum or do the dishes again!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Secretly apply single dose of Extreme Mind Control Spray to back of mouth.  Open eyes wide and gaze intently at targeted family member.  For absolute control, place finger near temple.
This product is intended for private amusement purposes only!  Not for sale to cult leaders, advertisers or in bulk to any government agency, by order of law.

PHYSICIAN'S WARNING: Laboratory-Tested telekinetic enzymes may leave a minty aftertaste in your mouth.  Do not be alarmed!  Invisible thought control waves will pass through walls and penetrate clothing.  If you see plates levitating, reduce dosage.
"I frickin' love this product!  Last week my teenage son ate at the dinner table for the first time in 3 years.  He said, 'Father, do I have to play video games tonight?  I just want to spend time with you.' And did I mention the basketball court my wife and her sister are building for me and my buddies?!" - BOB HAYWOOD, Sun City West, AZ.

0.25 fl oz. Mentally minty mouth spray.