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Lunch Money Coin Purse


Milk Money Stash Bag

Our kitschy Lunch Money Coin Purse is small enough to fit in your pocket, or your smallest clutch. But, it's also big enough to hold your license, credit card, and milk money!
With the adorable milk carton, apple, banana, and sliced bread graphics, it will inspire you to eat healthy! It's so cute, you also won't mind shelling out $6, for your expensive latte!
Made from an impressive 95% post-consumer material! Used grain sacks are collected, cleaned, ground and melted into rolls of recycled plastic, printed with super-fantastic graphics, then cut & sewn into this awesome cute kawaii change purse. Bam!

Recycled material. Measures approximately 4.3 inches wide x 3.2 inches tall.


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